Join us on February 25, 2021 on Zoom for the Investigative Genetic Genealogy training by D Prep. The use of Investigative Genetic Genealogy, (IGG) has revolutionized law enforcement’s ability to solve criminal cases. This course incorporates the basics of conducting genealogical research utilizing both present-day and historical research tools in order to build family trees. Participants will learn how to narrow down a suspect’s location in the family tree and the legal aspects of utilizing IGG in an investigation. Attendees will participate in an Active Learning Exercise Tracking a “target” using online searches, development of a family tree, merging of family trees and finding the matching DNA target.

Topics Covered:

Type of DNA testing for an IGG case
Differences between STR and SNP testing
Differences between SNP and Full Genome sequencing
Applications of DNA in investigations.
Haplo- groups and subclades
Determining relatedness through shared centimorgans
Tools available to predict relatedness
Genealogy Websites utilized in IGG Investigations
Ged Match Genesis
Family Tree DNA
Building Family Trees
Using & Using
Merging of family trees
Legal and Policy Implications of Investigative Genetic Genealogy
Current laws and legal rules involving IGG
IGG and the 4th Amendment & Privacy issues related to IGG
Building family trees & identifying a “Target”
Utilizing Google, Spokeo, Accurint and other present-day resources
Create a family tree for each of the top matches
Utilizing census records

View and download the event flyer here.