The CSAIA is proud to present a virtual training option for the 2021 Spring Training!
An In-Person Training Conference will be taking place at the same time and will be live-streamed to reach a wider audience. If you wish to attend the In-Person Conference, please add your name to the waiting list, in hopes that March 2021 will bring healthy group gatherings!

Training Highlights:

  • Knowing Your Resources, Utilizing ViCAP For Your Investigations
  • Defining Child Sexual Assault Accommodation Syndrome; Why Kids Recant, and What to do About It.
  • True Victim Experience: USC Dr. Tyndall Sexual Abuse Case
  • Pre-Text Calls
  • Broken Blue: The Dangers of Untreated Vicarious Trauma in First Responders
  • Forensic Art: History and Applications in Investigations
  • After the Bust: What Becomes of the Perpetrator
  • Forensic Genetic Genealogy