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CSAIA 2020 Spring Training Raffle Recipient

The Board of Directors of the California Sexual Assault Investigators Association has named the Shasta County Children’s Legacy Center as the raffle recipient for the CSAIA Spring Training Conference, March 10-13, 2020, Pismo Beach, California. All proceeds from the raffle sales will be donated to Shasta County Children’s Legacy Center.

In the event you are not able to attend this training event, but would like to donate to this cause, follow the provided link to the Shasta County Children’s Legacy Center for a direct donation. Every dollar helps.

The Shasta County Children’s Legacy Center was established in 2016 to reduce trauma to severely abused, neglected and trafficked children as they navigate the process of ensuring justice occurs. This is accomplished by true collaboration between Redding Police Department, Anderson Police Department, Shasta County Sheriff’s Office, Shasta County Child Welfare, Shasta County District Attorney’s Office and Shasta Community Health Center. Each of these agencies have been directly involved in the development of our child-friendly center. In our space, children will receive a forensic interview while the prosecutor, social worker and investigator watch the interview in a nearby room and are able to feed questions in to the interviewer. This eliminates the need for the child to relive their trauma multiple times by needing multiple interviews. Additionally, we are able to provide medical exams on-site and help to facilitate healing through a wide-array of trauma-informed mental health services. We have leased a building and will begin renovations in January! We hope to be cutting a ribbon by Spring of 2020! 100% of the proceeds that are received from the CSAIA raffle will go directly to our building project!

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