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OBJECTIVES: To promote a constructive relationship among sexual assault investigators and members of related disciplines in order to:

Provide high quality training in the fields of sexual assault prevention, detection, investigation, evidence collection and analysis, prosecution, victim services and support, incarceration and treatment of offenders, offender monitoring, as well as other closely related areas.

Promote and increase constructive relationships between investigators throughout the state and nation in order to aid the rapid dissemination of information, as well as to form contacts and liaisons to further assist in the apprehension of offenders and the effective investigation and prosecution of sexual assault cases.

Advocate effective relationships between investigators and members of related disciplines for the purpose of improving the team approach to cases to assure that victims receive the highest level of service and sensitivity and that offenders procure the maximum measure of the law.

Encourage the ongoing development of progressive standards of training and qualifications for sexual assault investigators and members of related disciplines to assure the continuing improvement of effectiveness in the field.

Encourage and actively support legislative changes, which promote the mission of CSAIA.

MEMBERSHIP: The association shall consist of:

Sworn Peace Officers: All active and retired California sworn peace officers as described in Chapter 4.5 of the California Penal Code entitled "Peace Officers" beginning with Section 830. Federal and out-of-state investigators are included if qualified by analogy to the California Penal Code or the equivalent code of the jurisdiction in which they are employed.

Related Disciplines: All persons, not included in the Sworn Peace Officer Members category, who are actively engaged in rendering judicial, prosecutorial, medical, nursing, psychiatric, psychological, social service, criminalistic, investigative, or legal support to prosecution of sexual assault cases, or who provide referral services to persons who are survivors of sexual assault, and/or their families.

In the event that membership applications are dependent upon further definitions of the foregoing terms, a decision by a simple majority of the Board will in all cases be final.

INFORMATION: Please type or print clearly. Information below will be used for the membership directory and distribution of mailing labels as approved by the Board of Directors. Photocopies are acceptable.

No members of CSAIA shall publicly express an opinion or make any political endorsement representing or on behalf of CSAIA without the sanction of the Board of Directors.

Membership is not transferable and the annual membership fee is due one year after the initial membership payment is recieved by CSAIA.

Once your Membership has been approved, you will be sent a link for payment: Annual dues of $50.00, or for a Lifetime Membership $300.00.

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