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president's message: 2017


Welcome to the California Sexual Assault Investigators Association. I first want to thank our 2016 President, Karla Beler for her vision and dedication that she brought to the board. My President Elect, Rick Barton and I have some very large shoes to fill. Next I would like to thank the law enforcement community along with the military servicemen and women. These individuals have stood tall and held their heads up high as they have served their communities and our country in a tumultuous 2016. For those that have paid the ultimate price, I pray that we move forward as a society and their sacrifices are not a waste. Last but not least, I want to thank the Board of Directors for all of their hard work and training that they brought the membership in 2016.

Back in 1979, CSAIA was established as a non-profit organization with a mission to set the standard on education and training for sexual assault law enforcement investigators. This association has continued to strengthen over the years with the unity of SART teams including Forensic Nurses, advocates, District Attorneys, Probation and CPS. As it stands now, our association has grown to approximately 320 nationwide members including 10 dedicated members of the Board of Directors.

As a community of law enforcement, medical professionals and advocates we are moving forward in many directions, independently and collectively. Membership in our Association brings tools of networking, research and legal updates, not only through conferences and one-day trainings, but also to your fingertips with access to our Members Only web site. We will continue to monitor, track, and assist the State Legislature with the goal of encouraging well planned and useful legislation, provide you with networking opportunities, and state-of–the art training and instruction for years to come.

Here is some exciting news. This is an election year. Every two years, eight of the board seats are open for election / re-election. Your Board of Directors encourages you to step up and bring your experience forward and run for one of the eight seats. Candidate statement forms will be available in October and the online election via the CASIA website will take place in November. The results will be announced in December. Members will vote for eight candidates and the top eight candidates will help lead CSAIA from January 1, 2018 through December 31, 2019.

CSAIA is the only statewide organization of its kind and is dedicated to its membership and to the furtherance of justice through our field of expertise. The CSAIA is truly an organization for its members, and as such, the Board of Directors encourages each and every one of you to participate fully by continuing to offer innovative ideas and suggestions for the benefit of all. The Board of Directors looks forward to a very rewarding and successful year of collaboration in our community.

Thank you,

Steve Welch
California Sexual Assault Investigators Association

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